We will follow all Italian regulations for Covid-19. These can be found at https://www.salute.gov.it/portale/nuovocoronavirus/dettaglioContenutiNuovoCoronavirus.jsp?lingua=english&id=5412&area=nuovoCoronavirus&menu=vuoto&tab=1

and are regularly updated. Please check them regularly, and check them again within one week of coming to Italy.

However, because this is a residential course, and to protect all of the participants, we might take additional Covid-19 restrictions for students and faculty (e.g. testing before the beginning of the course, wearing of face masks), which will be announced in this FAQ.

Cancellation due to COVID-19: If it becomes necessary to cancel face-to-face teaching, registrants will be offered the choice of doing the course online at a reduced fee (one-half of the usual non-residential fee), or receiving a refund. Refund will apply for students whose countries are banned from entering Italy due to COVID-related regulations in place when the course starts.

Individual cancelation: the usual cancellation fee will apply if you cancel at least before 15th April (see below).  

Advice for travel arrangements: go for refundable bookings; consider making a health insurance.

Note that the content of this FAQ will be updated as new relevant information is available.

Legal status of EEPE

EEPE is a non-profit association. Benefits from the course are invested in further developing the course. The financial centre for EEPE is based at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Level of the EEPE Course

The EEPE course is an intermediate level course and participants should have a basic knowledge of epidemiology or biostatistics.

The course is attended by both undergraduate and postgraduate students and also by health professionals (clinicians or other) who need to enhance their knowledge of epidemiological and statistical methods.

Knowledge of specific statistical packages is not necessary. At the course participants are instructed on how to use Stata which is provided free of charge.

Level of the pre-course modules

Pre-course modules are specialized single courses that may or may not require intermediate/advanced knowledge, depending on the topic. Typically, students who attend the pre-course modules do not attend the 3-week course on the same year, although attendance of both courses in the same year is possible.

Statistical software

Stata is the statistical software that will be used through most of the EEPE course. Participants will be able to download it a few days prior to the course. The license will expire after 4 weeks.

ECTs and evaluations

The full course is equivalent to 9 ECTs (3 per week). The specialized courses are equivalent to 3 ECTs. Several European universities can accept the ECTs from the course through normal procedures which involve a submission of description of the course programme to the corresponding MSc or PhD programme of the university.

The course is based on a continuous evaluation in each week. There is no final exam at the end of the course. If needed for the acceptance of ECTs, this can be provided upon request on a case-by-case basis.

Dates of the Course

The EEPE course starts on Mondays at 8:30am and finishes on the last Friday at mid-day. On the last Friday. lunch will be provided. Weekends are free, but meals are available at the Centro Studi.

For the pre-course modules (specialized monographic courses the week before the main course), check the website for starting and ending dates.

Registration and course fee

The course fee should be paid within one month to secure your place at the course on a first-come first-served basis.

The fee covers lodging in twin rooms at the Centro Studi, full board, course materials and books. See http://www.eepe.org/registration/ for further information about the fees.

Cancellation fee: If you cancel at least before 15th April you will receive a full refund of the course fee except a cancellation fee of euro 200

Participation for only part of the course

Preference will be given to students who attend all 3 weeks.

Attendance for the first two weeks only, or week three only, are also possible. In this case, accommodation may not be available at the Centro Studi, and students may have to find their own accommodation.

See http://www.eepe.org/registration/ to have information on fees for partial participation.


EEPE does not have a fellowship programme to support participation in the course, but fellowships can be occasionally awarded to students from low- and middle-income countries, depending on the available funding.

Travel arrangements and VISAs

Travel arrangements are made by participants.

For participants from non-European countries requiring a Visa, the course secretariat may provide a letter of acceptance of registration for the course.  However, participants then need to make their own visa application, and we encourage participants to do this early.

Disability and specific needs

Please, contact the course secretariat in advance if you have any special needs.

What the participants should bring for the course and material provided

Participants should have a laptop (preferably) or a tablet

We are limiting printed material. All lectures and supporting material will be provided before the course in electronic form through a secure server.

The same material, with additional files for the computer exercises, will be provided in a USB at the beginning of the course

Location and accommodation

The course is held at the Centro Studi (http://www.centrostudi.cisl.it)

The course fee covers accommodation in a twin room (2 students) with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Single rooms are available at extra cost of Euro 175 / week. Bathroom is in room. Linen and towels are provided; no hairdryer is available.

Accommodation for the 3-week-course: from Sunday (including dinner at 19:30) to Friday (including breakfast and lunch). Weekends are included.

Accommodation for the Specialized courses: from the night before the beginning of the course (including dinner at 19:30) to the last day of the course (including breakfast and lunch).

Extra nights: the cost is Euro 55 per night on bed and breakfast basis (to be paid directly to Centro Studi, but to be booked at EEPE secretariat)

Facilities: complementary wifi is available; laundry facilities are not present at the Centro Studi but are available with an external company; no electric iron and ironing board are available at the Centro Studi.

Note: Rooms have air-conditioning and you can sleep with closed windows, but depending on the temperature, there will be mosquitoes.

Hotels and B&B’s near to the Centro Studi: see www.eepe.org/Location/Hotels

Your way to the Centro Studi (from Florence Central Railway Station, Florence airport, Pisa airport): see http://www.eepe.org/tuscany-region/access/

Tourism: you may visit http://www.firenzeturismo.it/en/ and other specialized websites.

Great shopping facilities in Florence (keep space in your suitcase!)


Cost fees include breakfast, lunch and dinner (including weekends). Special food is available only upon request.  Make sure to report dietary requirements when finalizing your registration.