Week 2: General Modules

Summer Course 2024
36th Residential Summer Course in Epidemiology

24 June – 28 June 2024

Week 2, Module 1
Epidemiological methods 2  
Neil Pearce, Aurelio Tobias, Mònica Guxens

  • Cohort studies
  • Construction of a questionnaire
  • Interaction and effect modification
  • Meta-analysis
  • Modelling strategies
  • Molecular and genetic epidemiology
  • Causality
Week 2, Module 2
Statistical models in epidemiology 2  

Elizabeth Williamson, Cono Ariti, Milena Maule, Stefania Curti, Aurelio Tobias

  • Logistic regression: adjusted models, effect modification, dose response, analysis of mached case control studies
  • Analysis of case control studies including matched case control studies
  • Confounding
  • Survival analysis
Week 2, Module 3
Data analysis exercises

Aurelio Tobias, Neil Pearce, Stefania Curti, Milena Maule, Mònica Guxens

  • Statistical analysis of real data from a case-control study on bladder cancer using Stata
  • Analysis to evaluate confounding
  • Analysis to evaluate exposure-response
  • Analysis to evaluate effect modification including gene-environment interactions
  • Summarize and report main findings