About us

EEPE is a non-profit programme active since 1988.

EEPE is a joint offer of

The EEPE steering committee

Lorenzo Richiardi, Italy, and Neil Pearce, UK

Steering Committee
Nino K├╝nzli, Switzerland
Anne-Mary Nybo-Andersen, Denmark
Neil Pearce, United Kingdom
Lorenzo Richiardi, Italy
Danielle Vienneau, Switzerland
Martine Vrijheid, Spain

Past Directors
Manolis Kogevinas, Spain (2014-2016)
Matthias Egger, Switzerland (2013-2014)

EEPE Founder Director (1988-2013) 
Rodolfo Saracci, France/Italy

Financial administration
Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+) info@ssphplus.ch

EEPE Secretariat at Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)
Maria del Mar Ferrer