Centro Studi

The Centro Studi “Studium”, is located in the north east periphery of Florence
(search map on : www.viamichelin.com)

address : Via della Piazzola n° 71 – 50133 Firenze,
telephone : 0039 • 055 • 50 32 111 ; fax number : 0039 • 055 • 57 80 57 ;
e-mail : segreteria@centrostudi-cisl.it

It can be reached :

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  1. from the highway exit (“Uscita autostrada”) of Firenze Nord:
    Follow the indication “Centro” (Centre) till the sign “Stazione F.S.” (Central Railways Station) appears; follow this last indication till the sign “Fiesole” appears: by following the latter you will go successively through, a large avenue (viale Lavagnini),Piazza della Libertá, Via Don Minzoni, a characteristic U-shaped railway overpass, Piazza delle Cure, Via dei Mille, reaching a traffic light with a clear arrow pointing to a left turn at right angle to “Fiesole” which you will do . Immediately after there is another traffic light: carry on straight ahead and uphill, as you are now in Via della Piazzola (at this traffic light you must not follow anymore the indication “Fiesole” which points to the right).
    Drive carefully till n.71 as the road is narrow and two ways. As you understand this is the first field test-exercise of the EEPE course. (to make it even more complex, road works may involve changes in possible itineraries !).
  2. from the Central Railways Station, S. Maria Novella :
    • by taxi (€ 15.00.) : go out of the station through the main hall and the front doors
    • by bus (€ 1.20.): go out of the station to the bus stop of N° 17 (direction “Verga Tozzi”), get off at the bus stop in Piazza San Marco, and take bus N°7 (direction “Fiesole”) at bus stop “La Pira”, at the corner between S. Marco square and Via Giorgio La Pira, then get off at the stop called “Ospedale Camerata”; the “Studium” Centre is five minutes walk from the bus stop.
  3. from Florence airport :
    • by taxi (€ 20.00. – € 25.00.)
    • by bus : SITA buses (10 in the day from ~7.00 to ~18.00) to S. Maria Novella railways station ; also “Terravision buses” to the same station (timetable at www.terravision.eu/florence_pisa.html), cost : €4.00.
  4. from Pisa airport :
    take the train which runs from Pisa airport to Florence S. Maria Novella railways station (see above). According to the current timetable, there are between ~10.00 and ~19.00 ten trains leaving from Pisa airport. Cost: €5 – €6.

More frequent trains are available from Pisa main station, reachable by taxi (€ 6.00 – € 8.00.) from Pisa airport.